About The Founder

Hi All,

Welcome! My name is Becca Mader and I am the founder of Bexie! To share my story with you, I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and about two years ago at 18 years old, right out of high school, I moved to Los Angeles all on my own to pursue working in the beauty industry. Less then a year ago, I graduated from cosmetology school with a dream of creating my own beauty brand and platform. After having my peers always commenting on my hair styles and accessories, I have decided to share all my creations with you! My goal with bexie is to not only sell high quality products, but to inspire women to wear their best hairstyles everyday! I strive to make every supporter feel beautiful inside and out, have amazing hair, and look their best. Bexie is a platform for women to be apart of to feel empowered. We all deserve to look and feel beautiful! I love seeing my supporters excited to receive their products, so be apart of Bexie, we're waiting for you! Be(you)tiful with Bexie.